Integration of Sustainability into Strategic Planning


Review the strategic planning of the company as a whole to bring the most relevant ESG issues into the company’s discussions, promoting a system-wide view of the insurance company’s business and relationships.


  • Diagnosis: learn about the practices adopted by the company and the market in Brazil and abroad, carry out a SWOT analysis and materiality study to identify the most relevant social, environmental and corporate governance topics.
  • Development a strategy and action plan: based on the results from the SWOT analysis and relevant issues, with the help of the company managers we developed a new Mission, Vision and Values ​​statement and laid out the strategic drivers for the next five years.
  • Disclosure and monitoring: the company managers attended meetings and participated in sessions to learn about the strategic planning and actions aimed at encouraging better interaction among departments and professionals.
  • Implementation: support the preparation of business goals, meetings, seminars, and answer any question the professionals may have.

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