Custom in-company professional training on sustainable finance, based on the academic background and technical expertise of our team. Contact us to learn more about our programs.

Social and Environmental Risk
  • » Conceptualization of social and environmental risks and their impacts on a company’s results
  • » Evolution of the corporate and financial sectors in terms of voluntary commitments, self-regulation and regulation (Resolutions 4,327/2014 and 4,557/2017 of the Brazilian Central Bank)
  • » Criteria and practices on social and environmental risk assessment for financial institutions
Responsible Investments
  • » Concepts and issues linked to environmental (E), social (S) and corporate governance (G) aspects
  • » Voluntary commitments (PRI) and evolution of the responsible investment market in Brazil and abroad
  • » Responsible investment strategies
  • » ESG integration for asset analysis and management
Sustainability in the Insurance Sector
  • » ESG issues and their evolution in the insurance market
  • » Voluntary commitments and regulatory trends in ESG issues
  • » Impacts on underwriting risk and regulation of claims
  • » Value chain relations: risks, opportunities and legal compliance
Ethics and Sustainability
  • » Introduction to concepts of sustainability, ethics and corporate governance
  • » Regulatory evolution and trends
  • » Impacts on corporate results, risks and business opportunities
  • » Stakeholder engagement, ethics and sustainability
Sustainable Finance and Reporting Practices
  • » Aligning concepts of sustainability and sustainable finance
  • » Impacts on corporate results, risks and business opportunities
  • » Regulation, legislation and compliance trends in ESG issues for companies
  • » Market demands: sustainability in credit and investment decision-making


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