ESG Research / Social and Environmental Risk

Social and environmental risk assessment and reporting, ESG analyses that support credit operations, investments, insurance and vendor analysis.

ESG Research

Analysis and reports of Brazilian listed companies (equity and fixed income) on environmental, social and corporate governance factors to support investment decisions.

  • » Analysis of publicly available information and corporate reports;
  • » Determination of ESG score based on proprietary methodology and custom parameters on an investor-by-investor basis;
  • » Access to reports, comparative analysis and monitoring.
Social and
Environmental Risk

Social and environmental risk analysis and compliance for credit operations and insurance..

  • » Classification of potential socio-environmental impact, based on proprietary methodology;
  • » Federal and state environmental compliance checking, as well as other public entities (e.g., labor, law enforcement, judiciary, etc.);
  • » • Analysis of social and environmental management practices;
  • » • Social and environmental risk classification and recommendations .
Supply Chain monitoring

Environmental compliance verification and value chain monitoring.

  • » Environmental Licenses and Federal Technical Registry IBAMA;;
  • » Inclusion in lists and negative registers:
    • Assessments and environmental Embargoes – IBAMA;
    • Employer Registration;
    • Federal and state public bodies;
  • » Other applicable consultations (eg regulatory agencies, CAR, etc.).


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